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Case Study – Zappos

Zappos – the brand has some great customer service initiatives and takes pride in its famous customer experience.  Zappos is a perfect case study for an organisation that is customer centric and delivers a customer experience that makes people want to talk about their experience.

The Zappos secret of success is simply. Watch the video clip and learn more from the people themselves.


Case Study – The John Lewis Partnership

To be the best requires commitment and determination. See how John Lewis make delivering exceptional customer experience a way of life.

The John Lewis Partnership is unique because our Partners are active co-owners in the business. This means that they share in the profits and have a real say in determining John Lewis’s future. This video shows the benefits of being a co-owned business.

Heart and intuition

Reflecting on Steve Jobs’ legacy – his devotion to customers, not shareholders, and his ability to deliver product excellence.

Apple hasn’t optimized its organization to maximize profit. Instead, it has made the creation of value for customers its priority. Profit was viewed as necessary, but not sufficient, to justify everything Apple did.

Apple would solve problems customers didn’t know they had with products they didn’t even realize they wanted.

To deliver the ultimate customer experience requires heart and intuition …

Dawn of a new world

The world has changed and there’s no going back…  We’ve entered a time when focus on the customer matters more than any other strategic imperative. In this new world:

  • Commoditization has stripped away previously recognised sources of differentiation
  • Traditional industry boundaries have dissolved.
  • Customers have more power than ever before.

To win in this new world companies need to start treating customer experience as a business discipline. Every company in every industry can leverage customer experiences to:

  • Bolster brand equity
  • Garner customer loyalty
  • Boost revenue
  • Drive down costs

The big question is: How will you measure up in this new world?

The new competitive edge

Actors often say they are only as good as their last film. A similiar comparison can be made with brand reputation which is often determined by a customer’s last experience of that company or its products. If customers have an exceptional experience, they may share it with their friends, family, and colleagues. However if a customer has a poor experience then the customer is more likely to share their experience. So for a company to consistently deliver business success it is imperative for each and every customer experience to be exceptional.