Delivering business success through customer experience

To be or not to be?

Steps, procedures, and processes are merely the ways that large companies organize their work, train their workers, and lower their risk. They are only tools to handle on a large scale what a small enterprise does well without the complex of rules. It is continuous improvement and delivery of sincere interactions between our customers and our staff, our products, and our services.

A common mistake in business is to put so much focus on procedures and adherence to them that the employees forget the customer and instead focus on procedure. And we have all had a ‘procedural focused’ customer experience. It’s uncaring, disrespectful and impersonal. A memorable experience for all the wrong reasons…

Truly memorable and sincere customer experience comes from us being aware of the customers’ wants, needs and expectations before we deliver. In rapport with our customers we:

■   We do things with the customers and with their input and consent.

■   Interact before we act. Awareness before action.

Because we know that every procedural move we make, every caring vow we break, every procedural claim we stake, customers will be watching us and looking for more caring effective alternatives.


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